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Our Commitment to Sustainable and Ecotourism in Costa Rica


Tourism in Costa Rica is very different than other countries; usually tourism involves the exploitation of the country’s resources, it is important to do it in a responsible and sustainable way.  The CRT Team is committed to design and develop exciting vacations to Costa Rica in which we actively involve the local community in Sustainable Tourism.

According to World Tourism Organizations (WTO), “Sustainable Tourism development meets the needs of tourist and host regions, while protecting and enhancing the opportunity for the future”.

CRT Team believes that both Costa Rica travelers and locals will benefit from the interaction of learning how to support Sustainable Tourism in Costa Rica.  Residents learn that their customs may be of interest to foreigners, and visitors obtain more in depth knowledge about Costa Rica including the awareness of environmental, cultural, conservational and economic issues.

sustainable travel costa rica

This new way of doing tourism in Costa Rica is adding tangible value to the common structure of tourism services.  The environmentally friendliness of tourism products is indeed building a competitive new market even in Costa Rica luxury vacations creating consciousness about the components in tourism services that do make a positive difference in the destination they visit.

Certification programs and other Costa Rica voluntary initiatives provide guidance for responsible business practices, and could be used by these proactive entrepreneurs as a tool to communicate their sustainable tourism commitment in the marketplace.  For this reason, CRT Team is one of the first Costa Rica Tour Operators achieving the official certification and is the only tour operator, which was evaluated at its four branch offices, its own car fleet, and its own mechanic garage.